Here are some tips and suggestions that will be helpful to you while preparing for your move:

Please have all drawers emptied before our arrival.

The heavier the item, the smaller the box it should occupy.

Please try not to exceed a weight of 50 pounds per box.

Place boxes together in a central location after packing to save time and money.

Always tape boxes. Don’t interlock the tops. Tape the bottoms (use packing tape instead of duct tape or other kinds of tape)

Don’t use boxes without tops. No tops make it impossible to stack properly in the truck.

Never use printed newsprint to wrap fine china, dishes, plates, glasses, etc.

Please have the washer/dryer disconnected prior to our arrival.

Refrigerators and freezers must be empty prior to moving.

Disconnect electronics, take off lampshades, take down pictures and mirrors, and compile backyard furniture in one spot. If you’d like, you can take apart things like beds, desks, entertainment centers, leaves from the dining table, glass from the curio, etc. Otherwise, our guys must spend time disassembling and assembling, which is no problem – but it does take time.

We do not move the following items: household plants, hot tubs, grand pianos, firewood, hazardous materials, gasoline, propane gas, paint, construction materials such as sheetrock, cement, etc., used auto parts, large commercial machinery or firearms, and ammunition.

Pack prescriptions and immediate necessities in an easy-to-access suitcase and set it aside from the items the movers will be packing/moving.

The moving business is unpredictable at times and we ask for your patience on your moving day. The time we have appointed for you may change slightly.

Strip the linens of your beds so we can take them apart and move them as needed.

Electronic components such as stereos, computers, and other delicate equipment must be packed in its original shipping box or in a box that affords the same degree of protection as the original shipping container.

We do ask that you remove any valuables (cash or jewelry, firearms, etc.) before we arrive. We do not accept any liability for moving these items.

We charge $150 to move a safe and piano's starting at $150. Call for a free quote!

Tips: As with any service occupation, our movers do accept tips. Tips are not required or mandatory on your part, but if our crew does an outstanding job for you, and you liked the quality of service the crew provided for you, a tip would be appreciated.

Sit back, relax and let us take the stress out of your move!

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