Damaged Claims

All damage claims must be filed within 30 days of your job. With the purchase of our Professional Moving Service, Five Star Moving and its employees are liable for damage during the load and/or unload ONLY.

Damage that occurs in your truck during transit is not covered for any reason under any valuation.

We will fix or replace your item(s) for damages at a rate schedule of $.60 cents per pound per item as determined by the US DOT standard weights and measures.

Items that are part of a pair or set will be valued as individual items. The shipper understands that the loader/unloader is not responsible for boxes, containers, bags, cartons, or bins which were not packed by Five Star Moving.

The company shall not be responsible for uncrated mirrors, sheet glass, marble, or for the failure of the customer to pack lamps, lampshades, and any fragile articles such as ornaments, paintings, china glassware, pictures, etc. and does not warrant the mechanical condition of appliances, or electronics, as there is no way for the loader/unloader to know the operational ability of each item prior to the move.

Pressed Board, particle, or compressed wood is excluded from our coverage due to the nature of the material.

The valuation protection excludes claims with respect to wear, tear, or gradual deteriorations; moth or vermin infestation; rust; mildew; and/or any process of cleaning or repair. Always check with your home or renters insurance for coverage terms.

The shipper understands that the loader/unloader is not responsible for any damage to pool/billiard tables, pianos, or grandfather clocks unless properly prepared by the shipper.

Be advised that stock, bonds, fur, jewelry, paper money, coins, and collectibles of any kind will not be covered for any reason.

Please do not pack items of this nature or leave the premises unsupervised during your load/unload.

If any damage to the property occurs please point it out to the lead mover immediately.

Failure to notify the loaders/unloaders of any property damage prior to their departure will forfeit any claim of damage to the property against FIVE STAR MOVING.

*Our website terms and conditions may change from time to time by our company without providing notification to the users by the website.

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